Visual design for U-ta’s new album ‘Remelt: The Melting World’.


I was in charge of artwork and design for U-ta’s original EP project ‘Remelt: The Melting World‘.

Crossfade Demo

U-ta’s instrumentation is bouncy, perfect for the beginning, but still thick. You can enjoy it all the way through.

Track2. 葛藤しつつ生きる者 -Conflict-

Nononore’s mellow voice gives the characters depth. There is also a ChisA ver, so you can enjoy both.

Track3. 富に溺れる者 -Millionaire-

Not only the powerful main vocals, but also the gorgeous chorus in the background are all by Vivi. As the title suggests, it is a gorgeous and powerful way of life.

Track4. 滅びを受け容れる者 -Accept-

The fragile yet gentle voice of YUZURI Shoko. The chorus, which is also included a little in the preview, even sounds like such one instrument, perhaps because it has been carefully put together.

Track5. 運命に抗う者 -Destiny-

The album closes with a profound piece of music that begins with SUZUKI Deco’s Bulgarian-voiced chorus. Enjoy a story worthy of a climax.

Buttobi was able to compile these songs in a way that made them easy to watch throughout. I was able to listen to the sound files before and after mastering from a special seat. Which made it very easy to understand and learn what was mastering.

Web site

Click on the following link for our special website where you can also listen to sample songs!

リメルト 溶けてゆくセカイ/Remelt: The Melting World

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