”Jiai Hakobu Kaze”

The previous Album “叢雪のフォルクニア(Sousetsu-no-Folknia)“was inspired by the town of Horokanai in Hokkaido. The current work “神郵の歌姫(Shinyu-no-Utahime)” is several hundred years after that.
I was in charge of the illustration of the last track “慈愛運ぶ風” out of the total of 5 songs.

The current work ‘神郵の歌姫(Shinyu-no-Utahime)’ deals with the now defunct Shinmei Line of the former Japanese National Railways in Hokkaido, and the setting of this track is modelled on the station house guest house [Teshio Yayoi Station]. Zabieru.T. drew a fantasy arrangement of the scene where he eats the stationmaster’s home-cooked meals while listening to the assistant director’s story. (In terms of civilisation, I imagine it to be about 19th century Europe.)

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